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With fresh Hon Maguro, Anago, and Kanpachi freshly imported from Misaki Port, enjoy one of the best and freshest sushi selections in town!

On Monday, you can also enjoy Complimentary Egg Custard, Miso Soup, Salad, and Fruit.

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Available at MAGURO DONYA @ Suntec City
Valid till 31st May

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Enjoy a wide variety of dishes based on maguro and fresh seafood, only at Maguro Donya! As the pioneer in Maguro (tuna) wholesale from Japan, Maguro Donya serves fresh Maguro and seafood dishes daily, directly flown from Misaki Port, Japan!

Coming directly from the sea or fishermen's hands to the dining table, you can enjoy the freshest Maguro and seafood at the best affordable price! All the fishes are flown in 3 times a week from Misaki Port, fresher than Tsukiji Market!

5 Cuts of Maguro Sashimi ($49)
Maguro Donya's signature sashimi platter! Enjoy cuts from 5 parts of Maguro: Akami, Chutoro, Ootoro, Kamatoro, Toumi in one affordable price!

Hon Maguro Akami Sashimi ($58)
The highest quality cut of Blue Fin Maguro. Experience a melting sensation in your mouth as it's extra fatty!

Maguro Kama Yaki ($34)
Grilled Maguro collar, rich in taste!

Maguro 5 Piece Sushi ($35)
The best cuts of Maguro, served in 5 different styles of sushi!

Megumi Gunkan ($18)
Enjoy "mountain" toppings of Maguro Otoro Hikkaki, Ikura & Uni in ONE sushi! Popular diner's choice at Maguro Donya!